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Take control of your Body ;Mind & Spirit .With this blessed art of therahy
 It is a more universal approach to regular health care. It includes all of the unlimited reso…
Groenkloof, Gauteng
… The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are nourished by the life force energy and become balanced. It is in this balanced state that healing can occur. It is my belief that everybody can naturally channel life force energy to a certain extent and there are a few gifted natural … Energy Healing-Reiki
  Reiki (made up of two words Rei and Ki) respectively means “universal” and “life force energ…
Third Street, Johannesburg Killarney, Gauteng
…restoring the body to working at its full potential. To do this Kinesiology uses a wide variety of Western and Eastern techniques that activate the body’s natural healing ability. The results are incredible. Please visit my website to read client testimonials and to find out more about Kinesiology. holistic-Natural Healing-Kinesiology-Alternative Medicine-treatment
With the skills you learn in Touch For Health, you will be able to: Reduce stress Increase energy…
Improve your child’s reading, writing, comprehension & concentration – the holistic way!
South Africa, Gauteng
Holistic Healing, as the name suggests is about healing holistically- on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level. Holistic Healing offers an online service, with regards to nutrition , energy healing and the recommendation of health supplements and herbalism. I can help in weight loss, … Energy Healing-holistic-Natural Healing-Alternative Medicine
I offer the following therapies: Nutrition: I offer specific diets suited to your needs based on an…
4 9th Avenue, Rivonia Sandton, Gauteng
…state of being, emotional health and history. Together, we'll find some contributors to your current condition and clear them. I believe your healing is possible and your body is magnificently intelligent. It has a blueprint of health.. and this can be accessed. Your energy body is the 1st … Alternative health-Pain Relief-Holistic Health
Have any past issues still really bugging you? Constant thoughts about past events? The methods I u…
What if it takes only 20 minutes to create a life-changing result in someone's posture and health? …
76 Anton Van Wouw Street, Roosevelt Park Johannesburg, Gauteng
Pranic Circle - Internationally Sanctioned to Promote Pranic Healing in Southern Africa. Pranic Healing is a very advanced, scientifically verified and validated form of Energy Medicine.  Pranic Healing in complimentary to any other form of therapy and treats physical, emotional, psychological … Energy Healing-Meditation-Eczema-Allergies-Empowerment
27 20th Str, Menlo Park Pretoria, Gauteng
… mora, homeopathic medicine, electro-acupuncture, and quantum physics. It reduces stress caused by food, toxins, environment, genetics and disease and feeds back the appropriate electro-magnetism working naturopathically to stimulate the tremendous self-healing capacity of the human body. Natural Healing-Alternative Medicine-Therapy
Ernest Road, Kensington Johannesburg, Gauteng
The practitioner goes into theta brain wave state, connects with the Divine, and facilitates healing. Subconscious beliefs need to change if people are to heal Reiki-psychic-Hypnosis
Kensington , Gauteng
Theta Healing SA offers private consultations, training workshops and download evenings that enable people to manifest health, wealth, happiness and more. An amazing healing and self-development modality, Theta Healing works because Eric Richardson is able to reveal and change limiting beliefs in … Energy Healing-Natural Healing-Alternative Medicine
19 Penguin Drive, Norscot Fourways, Gauteng
…or limiting beliefs and change them instantly and heal of the physical body which brings about immediate physical, emotional transformation and healing. Conscious Healing SA:We were born on the premise of change and grow on our hunger to explore the self more, change It and heal it. We want … Stop Smoking-hypnotherapy
Po Box 22034 Helderkruin, Gauteng
…and demotivated or even suffer from mild depression, insomnia, low immunity and all sorts of aches, pains, illnesses and discomforts. At ViTerra Healing our aim is to bring you back to balance and replenish your Life-force Energy. We get those juices flowing to restore your vitality and … Energy Healing-Chakra Balancing-Reiki-Crystal Healing-Holistic Healing
ViTerra Healing is a small, warm-hearted and personalised Reiki and Holistic Healing practice locat…
41 Gleneagles Rd Greenside Johannesburg, Gauteng
…may be mental/emotional, mechanical/physical, or chemical/toxic.The practitioner performs a series of pressure tests and releases the bodystress (with the person lying down fully clothed) using light but definite pressure.As the nerve communication is restored, the body can commence with healing. Natural Healing-Insomnia-Pain-Alternative Medicine-Sinus
restore optimum health
At Your Yoga Space: We aim to enhance the lives of all those who enter the studio as well as create calm minds, warm hearts and peace in the world around us. YOUR YOGA SPACE provides a community that enhances the individual’s mental, physical and spiritual health. What sets this studio apart is the … Meditation-Yoga-Concentration-Therapy-Psychotherapy
LIBERATION COURSES: Courses that combine body, mind and soul in a whole new way.
Journey Yoga: The arts of yoga and psychology meet. Catherine Rogers (B.A. Hons Psych, Cum Laude. H…
574 Sh Pellissier St, Sinoville Pretoria, Gauteng
I teach sexually abused women to regain control over their lives with my recovery program called:  Talitha Koam. which means:  Little girl, get up! The recovery program is a combination of counselling and life coaching techniques, based on Christian principals.I am a counsellor and life coach … Pain-Addictions-depression-depression therapy-anxiety
 By understanding where  you are now and how to bring the cycles of the wheel of life int…
I teach women how to regain control over their lives after being sexually abused.  I help …
Jhb And Pta, 92 Derdepoort, Derdepoort Doornpoort, Gauteng
Discover your Life Purpose Physical Wellness Understanding and Aligning your Mind Balance Body, Mind & Spirit Coaching course includes beginners yoga and meditation Massage Therapy Spontaneous Healing Coach activates your natural ability to heal physical and emotional inbalance Alternative Healing-Meditation-Natural Healing-Yoga-Life Coach
Heal your mind, heal your body...Heal your life!
Relax and let go... Massage therapy in the comfort of your own home..
Norwood Johannesburg, Gauteng
Helping to bring the light of Vedic Wisdom forth in South Africa to illuminate the advantages of the Vedic paths of self-discovery and improvement that anyone can use in their own life to attain personal awareness, health, happiness, and fulfillment. Vedic knowledge is a broad compendium of wisdom … Metaphysics-Meditation-Astrology-Natural Healing-Alternative Medicine
Learn about Yoga and its practical paths to enlightenment with VEDIC VISTA
Learn Vedic Maths with Vedic Vista - the most refined and efficient mathematical system in the worl…
P O Box 4389, Cresta Johannesburg, Gauteng
Do you want to read life changing books, come to our online shop www. graysonian.com Graysonian Press produce books of inspiration - by doing so, we know that we can change the world. Our books are written to make readers feel better about themselves, teach them something and to motivate them. In … Chakra-Metaphysics-Reiki-holistic-tarot
This book help people to understand the process of buying a house in simple language
A self help book on how to afford a house in South Africa
24 Hugo Street Bryanston, Gauteng
Infinite Human Potential Life and Business Coaching is dedicated to creating positive change in people's lives and in the business world through coaching. Do you feel that there is any area of your life that needs improving? Are you a business that is looking to increase the performance of its … spiritual-Hypnosis-Stop Smoking-hypnotherapy-Self Esteem
Inspire your life and your business with our cutting edge techniques and passion for creating posit…
Increase productivity and profitability. Deal with stress in the business. Align the focus of the e…
318 Rondebult Road, Parkdene Boksburg, Gauteng
Jericho Dead Sea Cosmetics Jericho natural Skin Care products help revitalize and restore softness to the skin, reduce visible signs of aging and soothe skin irritations. Jericho skin care product line if formulated with Dead Sea minerals and top-quality ingredients to keep your skin looking … Eczema-Spa Products-natural-Spa Treatments-Anti-ageing
Have a look at Jericho cosmetics Blog @
  Your scalp is the center of your body through which all your channeled energies flow.  …
19405 Phenyo Street, Extension 9 Kagiso, Gauteng
This is a Ministry that has a vision to build a nation of believers in Jesus. Faith, Love and Power is the slogan of the Ministry. Our vision is to be the 'Anointing Capital' of the West Rand in Gauteng, South Africa. We have the following ministries: Progress Bible Church, Progress Kidz Zone, …
Young people are given guidance concerning life, careers and marriage partnerships.
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Motivational talks, Business consulting, Training (communication, sales),  Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Leadership development, Culture shifting, Personal Transformation, Energy Healing-Metaphysics-relationships-Support Group-Life Coach
Real and relevant transformation for individuals. couples, groups and teams. Shift the way you enga…
Centurion, Gauteng
Natural Medicine Distributors are online marketers of various natural medicines for all types of diseases. We also have one of the largest ranges of erectile dysfuntion capsules for men. We stock both local nd international brands. DON'T MISS OUR WEBSITE!  We serve South Africans. Natural Medicine-Alternative Medicine-Herbs-Medicine-natural
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E.F.T.   The lasting solution for trauma and phobias.
5, Leitch Road, Greenside Johannesburg, Gauteng
Reflexology, Reiki, Regression Therapy, Meditation, and Dream Board Workshops in Johannesburg: Your Healing Co. offers a variety of services which focus on health, wellness and developing your deeper connection to self. Your Healing Co 's therapist, Monica Codevilla, specializes in Reflexology, … Reiki-Meditation-Therapist-Reflexology-Massage
* Relaxing * Chronic or Acute conditions * Preventative * Circulation * Detoxification * Eli…
NOW AVAILABLE in South Africa, BRASILFIT is an active wear label that embodies the energy and essence of Brazil, sophisticated, stylish and feminine. Made in Brazil using technological advanced fabrics with a focus on comfort and durability, BRASILFIT is a fashion forward brand that is worn by … Meditation-Yoga-Massage-Back Pain
Brasilfit is stylish, sexy and perfect for the woman that wants to look good and most imp…
Lonehill, Northern Suburbs, Johannesburg, Gauteng
The Positive Psychology Foundation is the pioneer Positive Psychology Coaching and Consulting institution in South Africa and our coaching interventions are grounded in the Science of Happiness research and findings. The Positive Psychology Foundation's coaching methodologies are based on research … Empowerment-depression-Mental Health-relationships-Smoking
Discover the secret of changing your average existence into a thriving and successful lif…
Follow this blog for 'hot off the press' research reportage on how to live a more positive and mean…
5 Stompneus Road Randburg, Gauteng
Healing Choices is a full board Halfway House and Sober Living Home where the aim is healing, restoration and integration after the devastation caused by addiction to alcohol and drugs
50 3rd Ave Inanda, Gauteng
Ozone therapy treament that detoxes, de-stresses and boosts the immune system. Treats most immune deficient diseases. No bacteria, parascite or virus can survive in an oxygen righ environment. Anti- aging and efficient weight loss. Call  011 788 5764  for your 10 session treatment ozone therapy-cellulite
The Ozone Booth is a relaxing and wonderful 30 minute treatment. Once inside the Booth, Ozone (O3) …
259 Elnita Avenue, Northwold Ext 4 Randburg, Gauteng
Gentle, loving touch based healing, that by passes egoic mind, and addresses all things at causal level, freeing you of all effects.  Addressing the time in womb, or gestational period, this powerful healing works for all. An experience that transcends belief, addresses all problems and sorts them … Meditation-Eczema-Allergies-Insomnia-Multiple Sclerosis
Po Box 2468, Lonehill Johannesburg, Gauteng
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is also known as the 'tapping' technique. EFT assists you and the body to overcome a variety of negative emotions like stress, anxiety, fears & phobias, trauma, grief, anger, physical aches & pains, death or loss of a loved one, divorce, relationship …
46 Imola, Touches Street, Weltevreden Park Randburg, Gauteng
VISION To be recognised as an excellent and effective Christian institution striving to restore, rebuild and release people by means of mainstreaming them into society and business. Constantly striving for excellence in ministry of God’s Word in submission to leading of the Holy Spirit thereby …
6 Nyala Avenue Lenasia, Gauteng
Conscious Vibe is a blog talking about the coming shift of Ages and the end of the current cycle as predicted by the Mayan calendar. We discuss ways of enlivening your spiritual consciousness through yoga, exercise, meditation, breathwork and highlight techniques to support you in this time. We … Meditation-Yoga
Bredell, Gauteng
Certified Master and Teacher for the Independent International Usui Shiri Ryoho Reiki system and Crystal Healing. We offer Reiki I, II and III classes, Crystal Healing classes for Beginners and Advanced students, and selected tools, healing crystals and stones, and collectors specimens. Energy Healing-Reiki-Crystal Healing-Crystals
Catherine Street, Fontainebleau, Randburg Johannesburg, Gauteng
A Holistic & Energy Healing Therapist and Teacher aiming to help people heal themselves on all levels: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic & Physical.Sarah has been doing Holistic Healing and courses since 1996.  She is registered with the Reiki Master's Association, as well as the … Energy Healing-Chakra Balancing-Chakra-Reiki-Alternative Healing
285 Magdalena Willers Str, Kilner Park Pretoria, Gauteng
Drs. J.P. Prinsloo Inc, founded 53 years ago (1956),  is the oldest homeopathic practice in South Africa. The practice focuses on the homeopathic treatment of all conditions, with a special interest and well established track record in the homeopathic treatment of infertility. For more information … alternative-Herbal Medicine-Natural Medicine-Homeopathic-Eczema
Modderfontein, Gauteng
Clinical Hypnotherapy is unlike Stage Hypnosis which is used merely for entertainment use. Clinical Hypnotherapy helps one to improve on one's Health, Well-being & Mental state. Clinical Hypnotherapy helps one to tap into their subconscious mind and help themselves!  "Your mind is more powerful … Hypnosis-Stop Smoking-hypnotherapy-Counselling
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Arthur Long, Certified Hypnotherapist C.Ht Overcome Depression, mood swings and bi-polar disorders Stop Smoking Overcome Stress, nail biting, hair pulling, weight reduction and stress related problems Restore Self Esteem Overcome fears and phobias Trauma alleviation and counselling Release anger … Reiki-Meditation-Hypnosis-Stop Smoking-hypnotherapy
Johannesburg, Gauteng
All About Health is an online directory of natural health practitioners in Gauteng. Our categories carry a wide range of alternative therapies. Practitioners can list themselves on the site free of charge. There are also articles on health and well-being as well as information on natural and … Reiki-Meditation-Alternative Medicine-Yoga-Aromatherapy
Catherine Road, Fontainebleau Randburg, Gauteng
SarahK's Reiki Holistic Healing is for anyone looking to find out all about what Reiki is and how it works.  SarahK's offers Reiki, Holistic Healing, Reiki courses and other kinds of energy and alternative healing.  SarahK's Reiki Holistic Healing is based in Fontainebleau Randburg. Energy Healing-Reiki-Spiritual Healing-Alternative Healing-holistic
This course aims to empower you as a person, as a facilitator for wellness in both self and other a…
SarahK's Wholistic Healing & Teaching is registered with the Reiki Masters Association and is a…
Radiokop, Gauteng
As a TECA™ Therapist, Intuitive empath & Life Improvement Guide, I have had the honour of helping many people find answers, direction, peace, healing & their joy for over 20 years. Offering a range a services catered to your specific needs. Assisting you in living a positive fulfilled life … Energy Healing-Reiki-psychic-Meditation-Therapist
 can assist you to IMPROVE your life, find peace, direction and true happiness. Heal your body…
Johannesburg, South Africa Johannesburg, Gauteng
VISION To be recognised as an excellent and effective Christian institution striving to restore, rebuild and release people by means of mainstreaming them into society and business. Constantly striving for excellence in ministry of God’s Word in submission to leading of the Holy Spirit thereby … bible-evangelism-Counselling