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1 Palomino Road Beaulieu, Gauteng
Marine Management is a business that maintains and builds aquariums of any size. We have five out of the nine Cape Town Fish Markets maintenance contracts under our belt. We offer professional and passionate service to our customers. All of our clients can give positive feedback about our service … Marine Fish-Aquariums
Oyster Tank Zimbabwe
Two meter Marine Tank
158 Milner Avenue, Roosevelt Park Johannesburg, Gauteng
Happy Koi helps with Koi pond design, koi pond filtration and Koi fish themselves. Happy Koi imports and distributes Hikari Koi fish food and tropical fish foods. Happy Koi consults in aquaculture and in fish farm design and commissioning. Happy Koi provides low energy consumption solutions to save … Koi-Ponds-Pond
1290 Commercial Str, Booysens Pretoria, Gauteng
SADiscus is a supplier of discus fish and pet shop supplies for hobbyist and retail. SADiscus main aim is to supply top quality stock at lowest cost possible to local breeders and discus hobbyist. We pride in supplying Grade A live stock.SADiscus have the widest variety and collection of the …
Johannesburg, Gauteng
SA based information hub, promoting the availability & wellbeing of African and American cichlids.
P.o. Box 6826, Cresta Johannesburg, Gauteng
WE SPECIALIZE IN CUSTOM BUILT AQUARIUMS. 1. Marine Coral Reef & Fish Only Aquariums 2. Malawi & Rift Lake Cichlid Aquariums 3. Tropical Aquaria - Variety of specialized set-ups 4. Plant Aquariums 5. Coldwater aquariums  for Koi & Goldfish Hambani Aquatica is an innovative and talented … Aquarium-Pet Shop-Aquatics-Ponds
On-going Aquarium Services
This is an Acrylic Cylinder Aquarium that is 2m in diameter x 2 high with an artificial reef and ma…
Johannesburg, Gauteng
DogOnline is a Secure Online Pet Shop for quality hand picked tried and tested pet products and accessories. Established and registered in 2007 we have hand picked , quality inspected pet accessories , and continue to add new and exciting products all the time. If there is something you need, … Fish Products-Pet Shop-Pet Store
1290 Commercial Str, Booysens Pretoria West, Gauteng
SADiscus is one of the fastest growing supplier of pet products to the hobbyist and retail. What you will find here is... friendly, knowledgeable staff, a clean, bright list of pet products in the online pet shop and competitive prices. Pet Shop
Shop 3, Rockey Centre East, 199 Rifle Range Road Johannesburg, Gauteng
Pet Food & Accessories for your dog, cat, bird, rodent & fish Sunflower Peanuts Fruit Chunks Dried Fruit for Parrots Bow Wow dog food Avi Products Phase 1,2&3 Handrearing Food Parrot Parakeet soft food Parrot pellets Hamster food Rat Delights Rodent Pellets /Rat Blocks Top Dog Dog Food … Koi-Pet Store
Bow wow dog food 25kgs for R130
Rat delight. Food  for you pet rat
28 Rissik Street Krugersdorp, Gauteng
For Custom built tanks, both Marine and freshwater as well as fish and corals in South Africa Marine Fish-Aquarium
11883 Tabriz Str Lenasia Ext13 Gauteng, Gauteng
we do fish tank maintenance,ponds.etc (make your problem our problem!!!) we stock all types of  tropical fish we stock assesories Aquarium-Koi-Ponds
14 Gabriel Road, Forest Hill, Turffontien Forest Hill, Gauteng
We specialize in marine, and tropical fish including tank setups and maintance. We have a wide range of Birds as well as reptiles to chose from. If you need a Koi pond we can build and maintain it for you. Contact Krishna 0832226462 Friends For Life Petshop, where your Pet is our Pride. Pet Shop
Motley Aquariums offers a wide variety of freshwater fish. Suppliers to Pet Stores and breeding farms, feel free to come have a look at our stock. Aquariums-Pet Shop-Catfish-Pet Store
2 Kuhn Street, Beyers Park Boksburg, Gauteng
Pet Shop-Koi
84 Fountain Rd Pretoria, Gauteng