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Value Baking Supplies


25 Tarentaal Crescent, Okovango Industrial Brackenfell, Western Cape, 7560

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Value Baking Supplies carries an extensive range of products
Catering for theBaking, Chocolate Making, Cake Making, Decorations, Packagaing, SugarCraft, Chefs, Home Industries as well as to the public at retail and Bulk prices.
Value Baking Supplies is situated in Brackenfell, Cape Town.
You will find all you need for your cakes, cupcakes, desserts, weddings, funtions, catering plans, etc at Value Baking supplies. Everything from edible glitters, cake toppers, edible icing sheets (photo cakes, edible images) and decoration, to cake boards, boxes, packaging and so much more.
Value Baking Supplies prides itself upon proper customer service.
Many products at Value Baking Supplies are specifically made to order so that our customer needs may be met.

Press Release from Value Baking Supplies

Sugar Craft / Cake Decorations / Cupcake Decorations [Thursday, July 23, 2009]

Sugar Craft / Cake Decoration / Cupcake Decorations (Edible):

At Value Baking Supplies you will find a wide variety of edible decorations to personalise or add a little spice to your cupcakes or cakes.
We have a standard product line to choose from and we also do special orders for these cake toppers.

Please note: special order are taken on a 4-8week waiting period.

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Edible Icing Sheets (Photo cakes and Cupcakes) [Wednesday, July 22, 2009]

Edible Icing Sheet

Edible Icing Sheets is an innovative way to decorate your cake, cupcake or decorations.
Edible Icing Sheets is a 100% edible method to add pictures and photos to your cakes, cupcakes, etc.

We offer anything from plain printing, adding a name and age or even editing.
Editing can be things like; changing the background/scenery, changing people into fairies, dressing up, and so, so, much more.

This is fun and personal. Can be used for fancy or laid back.

Contact us to find out more.

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