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Glen Choral, Beethoven Crescent, Sonstraal Heights Durbanville, Western Cape, 7550

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Kaizen and Associates is a Cape Town based company, who specialized in human resource outsourcing, training and skills development within South Africa.

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Press Release from Kaizen and Associates

General Consultancy Assistance [Monday, March 08, 2010]


To assist our clients to develop, sustain and grow their multi-dimensional organisations and focus on their core business, we can assist your company with the following:

·                     Strategic planning for business and human resources

·                     HR research & development (including benchmarking & best practice)

·                     Performance Management

·                     Customised Performance Management Systems

·                     Organisational design

·                     Job analysis, design & evaluation

·                     Management of labour solutions

·                     Team Building – “Dream Team Event”

·                     Change Management

·                     Proposal and Business Writing

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Skills Development [Monday, March 08, 2010]


South Africa’s biggest and most valuable asset is our people.  Unfortunately we come from a history of not investing in untapped wealth.  The Skills Development Act of was written as a means of ensuring that companies start questioning their people development strategies and implementation. This was done through the skills development levies that most companies pay to their Seta (Sector education and training authority) and the skills development claim process.

Companies will receive a grant from this levy if they engage with the Seta processes - this includes the training plan, consultation and training report on a yearly basis. It's not as complicated as you may think....

Kaizen and Associates offers Skills Development services, ensuring compliance to legislation and SETA grant disbursement. The sensible integration of all your training inputs into one training and development plan ensures that people development strategies are integral to your company's overall business and transformation imperatives. We assist you in making business sense of the Skills Development act - in this way it becomes strategically meaningful and not just a paper-based exercise.

You can outsource all functions with regards to Skills Development to Kaizen and Associates or we can only assist you in completing your annual WSP&ART.

Independent Skills Development Facilitator Services:-

·         Comprehensive Skills Needs Analysis - using your current system and structures;

·         Representative Training Committee set up, co-ordination and facilitation to ensure adequate and widespread consultation takes place (Only required if your company has more than 50 employees);

·         Completion and submission of Seta documentation - including a Workplace Skills Plan and an Annual Training Report (1 April - 31 March respectively) meeting all requirements as set out by your Seta;

·         Sourcing of accredited training providers and ongoing training implementation support throughout the year - this is done through electronic or personal contact advice;

·         Monthly newsletter which lets you know of any relevant opportunities, developments and changes in the Skills Development world;

·         Serve as a contact person between the company and your Seta with regards to grant claims and reimbursements;

·         Advice and assistance with additional discretionary grants rebates;

·         Assistance and advice with your record keeping system and database to ensure complete and accurate capturing of Learner records;

·         Learnership advice and assistance where relevant;

·         Assisting and advising where appropriate to help your company to make the most of the Skills Development Act whilst keeping within business and national objectives.

Skills Development Administration Services

·         Completion and submission of Seta documentation - including Workplace Skills Plan (1 April - 31 March) and Annual Training Report meeting all requirements as set out by your Seta;

·         Assistance and advice with the implementation of the WSP - sourcing of accredited training providers and ongoing support throughout the year - this is done through electronic or call centre advice;

·         Serve as a contact person between your company and SETA with regards to grant claims and opportunities for the year period;

·         Assisting and advising where appropriate to help make the most of the Skills Development Act whilst keeping within business and national objectives.

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Develop Training Material [Monday, March 08, 2010]


We have a very dynamic design team that will assist you with the development of your training material should you have an in-house training department. They have the ability to design accredited training material as well as training courses used for impact training.  Training material and programmes are custom developed to identify and resolve a specific skills gap in your company.

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Training Development [Monday, March 08, 2010]

At Kaizen we commit ourselves to being the training industry leader in providing customer centric and value added training solutions for our clients using industry best practices that are NQF aligned and use outcomes-based education.  We focus on client specific requirements and outcomes.  Through our skilled developers and facilitators we are able to take ownership of our client’s training and learning requirements, ensuring we deliver measurable results.

Many businesses and training providers in the industry “train for the sake of training” and do not fully understand the intricacies of the environment or have actual working experience in the industry that allows maximum output from training interventions into the operation at a sustainable level.  Additionally many training providers do not offer outcomes-based education, which in our opinion, is the best and most efficient method to increase comprehension of the material which results in better retention and application of the learned material by the learner.  At Kaizen we customize training to maximize the results of the training to our customers.  The core team at Kaizen has a significant background in training, as well as extensive experience in managing large projects.

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