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It's Packed (Pty) Ltd


Unit 9, Fifth Street Park, 5th Street Montague Gardens, Western Cape, 7441

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It's Packed Pty (Ltd) was started in Cape Town in 2005 and is currently also represented in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Our mission is to provide cost-efficient customer-focused packaging solutions. Time is invested to understand the customer's business so we can advise according to individual packaging needs. Our product-offering spans a wide selection of packaging machines and shrink-film. Great emphasis is placed on our service-offering which ranges from staff training and machine repairs to packaging your products on our premises.

Our service offering is expanding to include shrink-film packaging of your products by us.  We also offer vacuum sealers and packaging tools, all sourced directly from premium manufacturers.  Our in-house workshop carries a comprehensive range of spares and we service most types of packaging machinery.

Press Release from It's Packed (Pty) Ltd

Importers of various Heatsealers [Tuesday, August 31, 2010]

 Our range of heat sealers cover uses from household to industrial uses

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Importers of Shrink wrappers, Shrink films and vacuum wrappers [Tuesday, August 31, 2010]

 We are importers of vast range of packaging machinery and various types of shrink materials to suit the clients needs

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